In Manitoba, Workplace Safety and Health is built on an internal responsibility system. This means that everyone has a role in the prevention of workplace violence.


  • If it happens to you, it can happen to others. You have an obligation to protect your colleagues—present and future—from violence.
  • If a student is repeatedly violent, they may not be getting the supports they need.
  • Allowing violent behaviours in school sends a negative message about the acceptability of violence in society.
  • It is expected under the law that all violent incidents are reported, regardless of age or ability of the aggressor.

In Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health legislation, violence is defined as:

  • the attempted or actual exercise of physical force against a person; and
  • any threatening statement or behaviour that gives a person reasonable cause to believe that physical force will be used against the person.

Each employee has the right to know their Division’s policy on violence reporting. The policy must be shared with employees, as should the form used to report violent incidents.

For detailed information please review the following publications.

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