Each year The Manitoba Teachers’ Society makes funds available for projects by members and local associations for professional development and public relations.

Public Relations Grants

The Manitoba Teachers’ Society is once again offering a Public Relations Grant Program aimed at helping associations that want to initiate a new PR project.

This year, The Manitoba Teachers’ Society offers three different Public Relations Grants to locals wanting to launch a new public relations project. They are:

  • Trustee Elections Grant (Election date is Oct. 26)
  • Internal Public Relations Grant
  • External Public Relations Grant

The deadline for Trustee Elections Grant applications is Friday, June 10, 2022.

The deadline for Internal and External applications is Friday, October 14, 2022.

Printable Public Relations grant application for 2022-2023

Collaborative Learning Team Grants

The Manitoba Teachers’ Society is committed to supporting collaborative learning teams with grant funding. These grants support teacher-initiated professional learning that focuses on problems of practice to improve instruction and ultimately student learning. These projects will take the form of action research and/or study groups.

A facilitator will provide support and guidance to the collaborative learning team at three of their meetings, as well as throughout the inquiry process. This will include refining a study focus, looking at current research, developing a plan, reflecting and analyzing information collected, and preparing a plan to share the research.

The deadline for Collaborative Learning Team Grant applications is Monday, October 25, 2021.

Grant Guidelines 

Grant Application FormDeadline is Monday, October 25, 2021. 

Member Impact Form

CL Facilitator Application Process

Meet our CLFT Team

For further information, please contact Sascha Epp at sepp@mbteach.org

Local Executive Training Workshop Grants

The purpose of Executive Training Workshops is to develop skills needed to enhance the function of the Local Executives as a whole. The application for a workshop must be approved by the Local Executive and signed by the President.

The deadline for Local Executive Training Workshops Grant application is Friday, October 30, 2020.

Executive Training Workshops application for 2019-2020

Community Service Grants

Want to do more for the people in your community? Could you and your students create something unique that would a make a real difference for those affected by poverty, racism or one of countless other social justice issues?

Yes, you can make that difference with a $1,000 Manitoba Teachers’ Society Community Service Grant (CSG). It’s our way to help you empower students to make change.

Each grant is approved funded by the Society and can be focused on racism, poverty, the environment, 2SLGBTQIA issues or a social justice issue of your choice. It can dovetail perfectly with your youth in philanthropy, community and social activism student groups.

You can keep us – and your colleagues across the province – updated by social media posts along the way. And when you complete your project within 90 days, we’ll have a virtual sharing event with all the project groups across Manitoba.

Every CSG:

  • is focussed on anti-racism, anti-poverty or a social justice issue of your choice,
  • has a quick turnaround (a maximum of 90 days),
  • incorporates a service component,
  • directly benefits your community, and
  • is not affiliated with any political party.

To be eligible the project must:

  1. be led and created by K-12 youth from any public school in Manitoba – under the guidance of their teacher(s).
  2. be self-initiated.
  3. start and finish in 90 days or fewer.
  4. have a positive impact on the community.
  5. have a service component or activity.
  6. be documented with reasonable frequency on social media.
  7. be summarized in a final report within 30 days of project completion – with receipts from all purchases, and
  8. be carried out safely by following all Manitoba public health guidelines and guidelines specific to your school division.

The project cannot:

  1. Solely be a fundraiser or generate profit for the students hosting the project or an organization.
  2. Charge a fee/ticket or request mandatory donations to access the project.
  3. Pay an honorarium to youth or their family members or the core volunteer team.
  4. Be affiliated with a political party (all projects must be non-partisan).
  5. Use funds to cover purchase prior to project approval.

Applicants must:

  1. Identify an issue, propose a solution and implement with their communities.
  2. Donate any equipment bought for use during the project to a community organization after the project is finished.
  3. Submit a mandatory report, including expense receipts to the Manitoba Teachers’ Society with 30 days of completing your project.

Application form available here for 2022