The Manitoba Teachers’ Society welcomes you to the profession of teaching.

You are now a member of MTS, which is here to support you in every way possible.

We are partners in ensuring all students get the best education and that public school teachers get the best support to reach that goal.

Your organization offers a wide range of services from health care to professional development through a number of departments.

The main offices of MTS are located 191 Harcourt Street in Winnipeg. The main building is called McMaster House, named after Thomas McMaster, the organization’s general secretary from 1945 to 1956. Another MTS building next door was named Bradley Square after the Society’s first female general secretary, Judy Bradley.

Contact The Manitoba Teachers’ Society:

McMaster House, 191 Harcourt Street
Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3J 3H2
Phone: 204-888-7961
Toll Free: 1-866-494-5747
Fax: 204-831-0877

The MTS Disability Benefits Plan:

Bradley Square, 101-2639 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3J 0P7
Phone: 204-957-5330
Toll Free: 1-866-504-9373
Fax: 204-957-5347

A full contact list of staff, elected officials and associated organizations can be found under the Inside MTS section on this website.