Special Area Groups of Educators

Special Area Groups of Educators (SAGEs) are organizations affiliated with The Manitoba Teachers’ Society. Most focus on a specific discipline, such as math or music or drama. Others focus on general learning for particular students such as middle years or elementary years. There are more than 30 SAGEs associated with MTS.

You can see a complete list of SAGEs with information about joining and fees on the SAGE section of this website.


One of the highlights of the year is the annual MTS PD Day, organized through MTS and presented by the assorted SAGEs. The one day event, encompassing dozens of workshops and seminars, is held in October. In late August a program for all activities is posted on this website with details on workshops and information on costs and how to register for an event. Online registration is available for most SAGEs.

As a teacher, you have an opportunity to join one or more SAGEs and take part in many of the PD activities organized by them. As well as organizing other PD events, SAGEs produce, through the MTS publications department, newsletters and journals.