Beginning Teachers

Dear New Member and New Colleague!

The Manitoba Teachers’ Society has developed an information package that you will find valuable as you begin your exciting career.

We are 16,600 teachers working hard in public schools throughout Manitoba. Your Society is always working hard to look after your needs for professional development, teacher welfare services, health benefits, advocacy, and much more. We have 80 dedicated staff and an elected board of 13 members from across the province who are committed to teachers, teaching, and public education.

Our dynamic website, our publication the Manitoba Teacher, and our many social media feeds will provide you with information to assist not only in your first crucial year of teaching, but throughout your career.
As you make key decisions this year about time, programming, energy, and resources, keep in mind that we are always here for you.

Best wishes on your exciting first year and for the many fulfilling years to follow in the teaching profession.




Nathan Martindale, President
The Manitoba Teachers’ Society

MTS President’s Letter to Members French

ÉFM President’s Letter to Members



Teachers’ Contractual
Rights and Responsibilities

Rights and Responsibilities Brochure ENG | FRE




If You Have a Complaint About
a Teacher or Administrator

If You Have a Complaint Brochure ENG | FRE




Online Safety for Teachers

Online Safety for Teachers Brochure ENG | FRE






Reporting Violent Incidents in Schools
& Violent Incident Investigations

Reporting Violent Incidents Brochure ENG | FRE




Teachers & Educational Assistants:
Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities Brochure ENG | FRE




The Fab 5 Beginning
Teachers’ Conference

Register for Fab 5

Fab 5 Program 2023-2024




Céleb 5

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Special Area Groups
of Educators

SAGE Information Booklet




Programme de jumelage

Programme 2023-2024






Programme d’echanges culturels

Inscrire au Programme d’échanges culturels des ÉFM 2023-2024






French Resources

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