MTS PD Day 2022 (Oct. 21, 2022)

Below you’ll find all the SAGE groups participating in the 2022 MTS PD Day. Click on the link of the group to see their individual program and registration information. 

How to Register for an Event Online Here

SAGE Help Email:
SAGE Help Phone Line: (204) 837-5705


ACEM – Applied Commerce Educators of Manitoba


CAYC-MB -Canadian Association for Young Children – Manitoba


CIEM – Council for Indigenous Education in Manitoba


COSL- Council of School Leaders


GAME – Gaming Association of Manitoba Educators


Conférence pédagogique annuelle des ÉFM 2022


HEM – Hutterite Educators of Manitoba


LIFT Conference – BTA


MAAE – Manitoba Association for Art Education


MADE – Manitoba Association of Dance Educators


MAME – Manitoba Association for Multi-Age Educators


MAMT – Manitoba Association of Mathematics Educators


ManACE – Manitoba Association of Computing Educators


MART – Manitoba Association of Resource Teachers


MASSW – Manitoba Association of School Social Workers


MASTARS – Manitoba Association of Secondary Teachers of At-Risk Students


MATE – Manitoba Association of Teachers of English


MATF – Manitoba Association of Teachers of French


MATS- Manitoba Association of Teachers of Spanish


MDEA- Manitoba Drama Educators’ Association


MEI – Manitoba Educators for Inclusion


MELIT- Manitoba Early Literacy Intervention Teachers


META – Manitoba Elementary Teachers’ Assocation


MHETA – Manitoba Home Economics Teachers’ Association


MMEA- Manitoba Music Educators’ Association


MMYA- Manitoba Middle Years Association – TBA


MSCA- Manitoba School Counsellors’ Association


MSLA – Manitoba School Library Association


MSSTA- Manitoba Social Science Teachers’ Association


MTSLD – Manitoba Teachers for Students with Learning Disabilities


PHE-MB – Physical and Health Educators of Manitoba


RCGW – Reading Council of Greater Winnipeg


STAM – Science Teachers’ Association of Manitoba


TEAL- Teachers of English as an Additional Language


TEAM- Technology Educators’ Association of Manitoba


VTAM – Vocational Teachers’ Association of Manitoba