Slam the Door on 64!

What is Bill 64?

The government’s Education Modernization Act (Bill 64) opens the door to drastic, harmful reforms to K-12 public education in Manitoba. It is an attempt to rewrite the conditions of teaching and learning for the next generation.

Why should I care?

Because teachers care. And 80 per cent* of Manitobans view teachers as the most reliable source of information about education and what’s good for students. This bill is not about improving learning conditions for kids.

Bill 64 opens the door to:

• politicians, not teachers, controlling the classroom, content and testing,
• shifting responsibility onto parents for decisions best suited to trained teachers, principals and vice principals,
• replacing democratically elected trustees with political appointees.

What can I do?

Slam the Door on 64! Join Manitoba’s 16,600 public school teachers in calling on the government to put students first and withdraw this regressive legislation.

Check out our MTS toolkit here that gives you background on the legislation, how it impacts teachers, and most importantly, how you can #raiseyourvoice as a Manitoba educator in opposition to Bill 64.


*MTS Public Poll: Viewpoints Research, Dec. 2020