Raise Your Voice On Bill 64

Bill 64 proposes the elimination of democratically elected school boards, the creation of a provincial education authority, school division amalgamations reducing the 37 divisions to 15 “regional catchment areas” plus DSFM, and limiting principals and vice-principals from being in the same bargaining unit as teachers.

Bill 64 also speaks volumes in what it does not say. On matters of fundamental importance, such as the purpose of public education and the principles of equity, inclusion and justice, the legislation is silent. Rather than advancing public education in Manitoba with students in mind, the legislation focuses on control, compliance, and standardization in schools.

This MTS toolkit gives you background on the legislation, how it impacts teachers, and most importantly, how you can #raiseyourvoice as a Manitoba educator in opposition to Bill 64.

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Top Issues

Presenting to a Bill Committee

Tips for writing a submission

How to write a letter to the editor

Guidelines for Virtual Presentations

While we’re writing letters and presenting to committee on Bill 64, we also want to flood our social media channels with sharables that all members and other concerned Manitobans can use. Look for these in your social media channels starting this week, and share, share, share!