What to do to Take Care of You

An invisible force has taken hold of our world, upending our routines and our usual ways of connecting. There’s just no way to not feel that.

In a world grappling with COVID-19, you’re reacting—and rethinking—almost 24/7. It’s exhausting!

The stress of managing uncertainty on this scale is significant and undeniable. We need to give ourselves every chance of emerging on the other side of this with our bodies, minds and spirits intact—to build resilience…our capacity to bounce.

The MTS Bounce Sheet is a resource for your ongoing well-being. Here you’ll find credible tools to help guide your efforts to stay grounded and healthy when your new routine is anything but!


If you’re in crisis and need urgent support, click here to connect with people on the WRHA mobile crisis team, or here for the Klinic crisis team. Outside Winnipeg, connect here. They’re ready to help.

You can also find mental health supports related specifically to coping with COVID-19 here and on MTS LifeSpeak, here.