MTS 105th Annual General Meeting

May 23, 2024

Life Membership Award Recipients

Eldene Spencer
Corinne Barrett-DeWiele

1922 Award Recipient

The MTS 1922 Award for 2024 is presented in memory of Brandon Teachers’ Association and MTS member Alison Johnston, whose decades of dedication to teachers province-wide was both inspiring and steadfast.

May 24 and 25, 2024


Some of the resolutions passed are as follows:

Central Registry for Teacher Record Checks

It was resolved that the MTS lobby the government to create a private central database of criminal record and child abuse registry checks, accessible only by employers of teachers, to confirm prospective applicants have up to date criminal record and child abuse registry checks to meet employment requirements.

Lobby the Government for a WSH Training Day

It has been resolved that the Society lobby the provincial government to use a day in the existing school calendar for staff workplace health and safety training.

Provincial Executive to Create a Whistleblower Protection Policy for all MTS Staff Not Under a Personal Services Agreement

It was resolved that the Provincial Executive create a Whistleblower Protection policy for all MTS employees not under personal services agreements and to consider the current MTS Whistleblower protection for members found in Bylaw I, Part III, 3.18 when doing so.

Establishing a Manitoba Association for Safety in Education

It has been resolved that MTS work with education stake holders to establish a Manitoba association for safety in education.

To view the full list of resolutions, click here

New Provincial Executive Announced

Members at Large Elected:

Lillian Klausen – River East Transcona Teachers’ Association

Joel Swaan – Garden Valley Teachers’ Association

Marcela Cabezas – Louis Riel Teachers’ Association

Kristen Fallis – Winnipeg Teachers’ Association

Desiree Pappel – AEFM

Cathy Pleskach – Interlake Teachers’ Association

2024-2025 Membership Fee

The active member fees for 2024-2025 will be $1,228, an increase from the 2023-2024 fee of $1,123.