May 22, 2024

Bill 35

Bill 35 –The Education Administration Amendment Act will enact significant reforms to the public education system. The bill which received royal assent on May 30, 2023, will be implemented through a selective proclamation process (become law) in the stages outlined below:

  • Appoint a director of certification to oversee the certification process for teachers and the registry (completed).
  • Appoint a commissioner to receive and process misconduct or incompetence complaints from any source, including school divisions (summer 2024).
  • Create a public online registry of teachers (launch January 2025).
  • Establish competence standards that teachers must meet to be issued and maintain a teaching certificate (TBA).

The Society is actively involved in consultations with the department of education and will continue to provide updates throughout the process.

The following guide provides the most up to date information about the implications of Bill 35 on the teaching profession, as well as the MTS positions that we are advocating for in our discussions with government.

Learn about how teacher competence will be determined under the new legislation, the composition of the hearing panel and your rights to representation.

Get answers to these questions and more, including the MTS position on anonymous complaints and timelines for filing complaints.

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