MB Teacher Fall 2023

Fall Edition Available Now!

A new school year is underway and the MB Teacher magazine is back! Our fall issue is loaded with insights and resources designed to empower and inspire you in equal measure.

Our cover story delves into the vast unknown of artificial intelligence (AI) and what it means for your classroom. Mountain View teacher Kirsten Thompson, president of the Manitoba Association of Educational Technology (MAETL), says that while a healthy dose of caution is appropriate, there’s plenty of potential upsides to AI, especially for teachers.

We sit down with MTS President Nathan Martindale and Vice President Cynthia Taylor to talk about their priorities for the year ahead, and how members can expect the union to respond to issues ranging from regulation of the profession to teacher mental health.

A record number of new delegates attended the 2023 MTS Provincial Council AGM last May, and we’ll share what some first timers thought about the experience—and how it impacted their perspective on the union. We also profile Tipis and Telescopes, a creative partnership between school divisions that brought Indigenous knowledge and science to the forefront in a three-day event drawing almost 160 students from across the province.

Provincial bargaining is well underway and we’ve got an update, along with a tribute to the late Tom Paci, our negotiations mentor, colleague, friend, and ally. Plus, you’ll find book reviews and member reflections on the year to come.

All this and more in the fall, 2023 issue of the MB Teacher magazine!

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