March 21, 2023

The Provincial Forum on Education was held on March 17, 2023 and was co-hosted by Manitoba’s five public education partners, including (in alphabetical order) the Manitoba Association of Parent Councils, the Manitoba Association of School Business Officials, the Manitoba Association of School Superintendents, the Manitoba School Boards Association and The Manitoba Teachers’ Society. The forum moderator was Michele Polinuk.

The Forum included five questions, each developed by one of the co-hosts.

Representatives from each Manitoba political party (in alphabetical order by surname: Mr. Nello Altomare, Manitoba New Democratic Party; Mr. Wayne Ewasko, Manitoba Progressive Conservative Party; and Dr. Jon Gerrard, Manitoba Liberal Party) were provided with two minutes to respond to each question, with rebuttals of one minute each. Additionally, the party representatives were also provided two minutes each to make an opening and closing statement.

Watch the Provincial Forum on Education video here.

Responses from the Keystone Party here.

Responses from the Green Party of Manitoba here.