November 15, 2022

The Society is well informed on the topic and trends regarding teacher misconduct across Canada.

We are currently participating in stakeholder consultations with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Learning, sharing our concerns and positions about the definition of misconduct, structure and composition of an independent body, due processes for managing misconduct, protecting privacy rights, and balancing public transparency. You will find no bigger advocates for the protection of children and youth in our schools than Manitoba’s 16,000 professional teachers.

The Manitoba government continues to push through property tax rebates without a plan on how to make up those huge losses to the public education system.

By 2023, cumulative education property tax rebates will be more than $1 billion – money that could have been invested into Manitoba’s classrooms. At a time when education funding has not kept up with inflation for the past six years, this is dangerous.

We have great expectations around the public education funding announcement in the new year.

The new funding model and announcement must guarantee funding that is adequate, equitable, and predictable. The diverse and growing needs of the students we serve every day cannot be punted down the road again.

This chronic pattern of underfunding must stop. Manitoba students need support now.