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A My Profile account on the MTS website is designed exclusively for you, our members—substitute teachers included—as a hub for information that keeps you connected and informed.

With a My Profile account, you can:

  • Update your preferred email address (pro tip: using a personal email address, rather than school, ensures that no matter where you’re teaching you’ll always stay connected!)
  • Register with ease for professional development opportunities, including MTS PD Day
  • Stay up to date on MTS news with the all-member electronic newsletter, The Sub
  • Receive email blasts via Mailchimp with breaking news about everything from collective bargaining to workload surveys, to Special Area Groups of Educators (SAGE) developments
  • NEW! Coming soon: Opt into a print copy of The MB Teacher Magazine (per a Resolution passed at MTS Provincial Council AGM 2022). More info coming this summer.

All members are eligible to register with My Profile. If you’re substituting—or know someone who is—spread the word!

Log onto MTS My Profile today to set up your account, or update the one you currently have, and stay in the know on all things MTS!