June 7, 2022

At the 2021 MTS Annual General Meeting of Provincial Council, a resolution was passed to ensure that MTS advocate for all divisions and Local associations to use language that is gender neutral and diversity inclusive in all forms, publications, and published materials. In response, the  Society was tasked with creating and making available a toolkit to facilitate these language changes.

We’re pleased to share the completed toolkit – Inclusive Language: A Guide for Inclusive Schools and Workplaces in Manitoba in both English and French. This guide is intended to support respectful schools and workplaces by paying attention to how language is used to ensure safe and caring spaces.

The guide reflects our commitment to the creation of learning spaces that are safe, inclusive, and caring with language that is free from words, phrases or tones that reflect prejudiced, stereotyped, or discriminatory views.

The Manitoba Teachers’ Society acknowledges, with gratitude, the contributions of staff and committee members in the development of the document. As a living document, this guide will continue to evolve alongside our growth in knowledge and understanding of diversity perspectives.

We are dedicated to ongoing conversations around inclusion and appreciate continued feedback. As educators, we understand the importance of a growth mindset, and we hope that this guide will be central to the conversations about inclusion for all in Manitoba schools and workplaces.

View the Inclusive Language booklet in English here

View the Inclusive Language booklet in French here