MTS Launches Spring Campaign

Manitoba Teachers, Helping Kids Grow

It may still look and feel like winter in Manitoba, but on Monday, April 25, MTS launches its spring ad campaign, titled Manitoba Teachers, Helping Kids Grow.

The campaign features a 30-second television ad, along with a web and social media presence, digital ads on high profile news sites, as well as urban and rural radio spots. The campaign will be in market through the end of May.

Manitoba Teachers, Helping Kids Grow is a distinct departure from the pointed, urgent messaging of Slam the Door on 64, the MTS campaign against the government’s previously proposed—and subsequently withdrawn—Education Modernization Act. This departure is intentional: as we emerge from another challenging year, the undeniable value and joy of public education remains, and comes home with students every day in incredible ways.

Spring is a time of renewal, and as teachers look forward to a summer holiday they so deeply need, it’s the perfect time for MTS to celebrate their work as the catalyst it is for curiosity, creativity, joy, and growth—even in the most trying of times.