The New MB Teacher Magazine

February 8, 2022

Magazine Redesign Reflects Member Feedback

The Manitoba Teacher magazine has a whole new look, and a shift in emphasis to practical content you can use in your classroom.

Now branded the MB Teacher, the magazine’s layout features a clean, bold, inviting design that brings the individual elements together as a cohesive visual unit—stories that leave you feeling informed, energized and seen. For improved readability, you’ll notice subheadings to break up text, quick-scan summaries of the articles and even an increase in font size.

And there’s more! We’ve created a companion webpage for the MB Teacher Magazine to house all our feature articles. You can read the magazine in print or online and refer back to content you’ve previously enjoyed. Added features like video clips from interviews help the stories come alive, and useful links to classroom resources allow you to drill down for detail. Plus, each featured article is individually sharable on all your social media platforms.

In the magazine you’ll see a clear emphasis on the voices and faces of the membership. We are a community of teachers, after all, and the MB Teacher is all about building that community and reinforcing educator relationships and advocacy across the province.

It’s a lot to take in, we know! But we want to be clear that your feedback matters, and it’s made a big, positive difference in the magazine. You’ll find the new issue in your school mailbox this week, so give it a read and let us know what you think, at

We’re listening, and always looking to incorporate your feedback as the MB Teacher, like MTS, evolves right along with you.

View the MB Teacher Winter 2022 PDF here