Field-Led Course 2

Professional Perspectives
FLC 2: Personnel Leadership

Course Description

This course explores the knowledge, technical abilities, and interpersonal skills required for effective personnel leadership. School leaders interact with a variety of individuals and groups within the school and in the community. They work individually with teachers and other staff daily as they supervise, coach professional growth, and evaluate performance. They also work at a group level with various staff, parent and community members to develop collaborative planning and problem solving mindsets.  As they develop teams, foster collaboration, and support the growth and development of staff, school leaders build capacity to achieve successful outcomes for students.

Intended Outcomes

Throughout the course, the participants will reflect on and extend their knowledge of theory and practice in topics related to personnel. Participants in this course will be able to:

  • outline the duties, challenges, and the legal and policy parameters for supervision and teacher evaluation;
  • distinguish between normative and formative supervision, evaluation, and discipline;
  • describe appropriate responses to a variety of supervisory situations;
  • discuss the values, beliefs and experiences that impact behaviour in routine situations and in challenging circumstances;
  • discuss how to differentiate the leader’s stance and/or strategies to support the professional growth and development of teacher practice;
  • demonstrate verbal and non-verbal communication skills that support rapport building, collaboration and problem clarification;
  • apply frameworks for having difficult conversations;
  • describe conditions and practices for collective efficacy to flourish;
  • apply professional learning structures/protocols that promote collective efficacy; and
  • apply protocols to interpret and respond to a variety of personnel dilemmas.



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