Field-Led Course 1

Professional Perspectives
FLC 1: Implementing Ethical Leadership

Course Rationale

Ethical Leadership is leading by knowing and doing what is right to support the character and values in public education. The purpose of public education is to build capacity so students can achieve success. While fostering a positive school culture, creating and nurturing the educational team, and taking a systems approach to the provision of services and supports, a school leader is effectively able to shape the future for students.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Throughout the course the participants will be asked to reflect on and extend their knowledge of theory and sound practice in school leadership. Participants in this course will be able to:

  • interpret and discuss the issues facing school leaders through an ethical lens.
  • demonstrate an understanding of how the social, political and socio-economic influences in their school community shape school culture.
  • demonstrate an understanding of how the elements of school culture can be transformed through the principles of ethical leadership.
  • apply knowledge, skills and frameworks that facilitate purposeful communication, build cohesion within an organization and promote planning, problem solving and reflection.
  • demonstrate the skills for developing, supporting and leading teams, developing effective working relationships and managing conflict
  • demonstrate an understanding of approaches for supporting student achievement within the context of their own school/division.
  • reflect on and demonstrate an understanding of the importance of leading a balanced life as it impacts on the role of school leader.
  • demonstrate a knowledge of the legal and contractual rights and responsibilities that are relevant to the topics within the course.
  • articulate how new knowledge might impact their thinking, practice and interactions
  • assist staff to create a plan to support and guide staff in their own career development.



Cost for FLC 1: Implementing Ethical Leadership

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