Share How the Shift to Online Teaching has Affected You

U of M seeks participants for study on how moving from face-to-face instruction to online platforms during COVID-19 impacts teachers

Title of Study: Teachers’ Homework: Online learning through COVID19

The University of Manitoba and The Manitoba Teachers’ Society invite you to participate in a research study regarding online learning through COVID-19. The overall goal of this study is to explore how the move from face-to face classrooms to online platforms through COVID-19 has impacted educators’ pedagogical and curricular choices.

Participation in this study would involve one focus group (approximately 1.5 hours) and one individual interview (approximately an hour). The focus groups and interviews will be audio recorded through Zoom. Reviewing the transcript may take about an hour and is optional. Your stories about online learning will be compiled by the researchers into an eBook that will be distributed internationally. That is, your stories will be merged to create one single story line that illustrates and highlights teachers’ experiences.

Pseudonyms will be used throughout to keep participants’ identities private. Telling teachers’ stories is particularly important because teachers’ professional opinions are often neglected in decisions about education. The eBook will help bring teachers’ voices into the discussion.

Participation is after-hours and the research is not focused on specific school division practices. As such, consent to participate is entirely up to each individual. This research has been endorsed by ENREB, the University of Manitoba’s research ethics board for education and nursing.

If you are interested in participating in this research, please contact: or