On Monday (Mar.15), Bill 64 – The Education Modernization Act was introduced in the legislature. This legislation provided context and clarification on some important questions posed by principal and vice-principal members.

Government officials have provided some clarification on the following areas of concern:

  • There is no restriction on unionization/membership for principals and vice-principals;
  • Principals and vice-principals are not to be included in bargaining units consisting of teachers;
  • Principals and vice-principals will continue to be covered under their current collective agreement, until a new agreement is negotiated with the new employer;
  • Principals and vice-principals continue to remain eligible for TRAF during the transition. We are continuing to seek clarification on this issue; and
  • The status of part- time principals and vice-principals will be determined by the Labour Board.

It is important to note that there is no immediate impact to principals and vice-principals for the upcoming school year (2021/22).

The earliest that the principal/vice-principal provision in Bill 64 can come into effect is for the 2022/23 school year.