The Manitoba Teachers’ Society is supporting strike action by the University of Manitoba Faculty Association. The association could go on strike as early as Monday.

At a special meeting of the MTS Provincial Executive on Nov. 11, it was decided the Society supports the association’s request for binding arbitration. In the event of a strike, it will contribute $10,000 on behalf of public school teachers to the group’s strike fund and show public support for the union.

The MTS provincial executive did not support a request that teacher candidate practicums be cancelled during the strike period.

“The Manitoba Teachers’ Society recognizes the unique pressures on the system and supports the continuation of teaching practicums,” it said it its resolution.

Currently there are 350 University of Manitoba teacher candidates on practicum in 123 schools.

During the pandemic, MTS has consistently urged the provincial government and divisions to hire more staff to allow more physical distancing of students and to ensure there are adequate numbers of substitute teachers, including teacher candidates.

Teacher practicum advisors are not members of UMFA. Teacher candidates are student members of MTS.