5,200 Members Connected Province-Wide

Members of The Manitoba Teachers’ Society (MTS) had a chance to ask questions, share concerns and raise issues affecting their classrooms during an hour-long telephone town hall with MTS President James Bedford and General Secretary Danielle Fullan Kolton last week.

A total of 5,200 members connected province-wide to the telephone town hall on Nov. 24 and 251 questions from members were in the queue. At its peak, 2,175 teachers were listening to the town hall by phone while 1,687 others were tuned in to streaming audio on our website.

Bedford and Fullan Kolton said the town hall was a valuable initiative in that it was important to hear teachers’ voices. Bedford stressed that teachers’ stories “are incredibly important so the public and our politicians understand at a much deeper level the commitment that our members have.”

Members who didn’t get a chance to ask questions during the town hall left 225 voicemails. The Society is currently going through all of these voicemails as well as follow up emails and comments from social media and will be putting together an FAQ as needed.