CMHR Statement

The Manitoba Teachers’ Society strives to respect and value diversity in all aspects of our work. We expect the same level of commitment to inclusivity and equality from all the organizations, partners and individuals with whom we collaborate.

The allegations of racism and homophobia at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights (CMHR), an organization that we have proudly supported, are troubling.

Based on the media reports, some schools and classes have made requests to censor LGBTQ* content during tours. The Society does not condone this behaviour. In fact, over the years, The Society has advocated for changes to the K-12 curriculum to be inclusive of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. We are strong supporters of Pride, with hundreds of members participating in parades across the province.

We understand that the CMHR is currently involved in an internal review. We encourage that process to happen in a timely and transparent manner, and we look forward to the CMHR implementing the changes necessary to uphold the high standards of Canadian human rights and to build a better world.

We always have and will continue to stand up for equality, fairness and respect for all individuals.