A Century of Solidarity

Centennial Edition of The Manitoba Teacher

The Manitoba Teachers’ Society is pleased to present the centennial edition of The Manitoba Teacher. As you read the content, both reverential and prescient, we hope that you feel your own place in MTS history, and the potential for your unique contribution to its future.

This special 48-page flip edition features beautifully illustrated covers depicting the history of the first meeting of the Manitoba Teachers’ Federation on April 22, 1919 and the future of a teacher in an edu-pod in the Alpha Quadrant who teaches a lesson on the fifth element stones, while hovering over the class with the help of an anti-gravity teaching tool.

Over the past year, we have rightly paid homage to the accomplishments of those who came before us—and from whom we draw our strength. It is equally important, however, to imagine the future, channel our energy, and build on the good work that has come before.

During the centennial, staff in MTS Communications and Publications delved into our past, mining an extensive history of activism, revolution, and evolution. A historical website dedicated to making these valuable resources available to all will be launched prior to the AGM in May. The 100th anniversary edition of The Manitoba Teacher, too, vividly showcases that work.

These efforts have gifted us with the opportunity to reflect on the courage of those whose relentless commitment carved education into the public consciousness as a right and a privilege, the foundation of a just society.

It’s an extraordinary thing, to have built and maintained a movement over 100 years, and something in which we can all take pride.

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