MB Curriculum Support Centre

Province Answers MTS Questions

The closure of the Manitoba Curriculum Support Centre has worried and upset a number of teachers who have raised questions about accessibility and services.

We asked department of education officials questions that have been raised by members. The following are their responses.

1. How often was this library used by teachers?
The current model sees a low volume, approximately 14 teachers per day, whereas the online version will be easily accessible to teachers across Manitoba.

2. What is the plan for the materials that can’t be digitized- the physical stuff?
We will make more curriculum resources available online and distribute existing physical resources through the education system. Service will not change for students with visual impairment and they can continue to access resources at 1181 Portage Ave.

3. What about internet service in rural/northern areas?
A Provincial Resource Consultant will be available to take phone call requests for tactile materials and provide consultation on the operation of local libraries of resources.

4. Anything else you’d like to pass on?
Loans from the centre will end by Friday March 15. The centre will be closed April 1 and online access will continue.

Manitoba Curriculum Support Centre to Close April 1, 2019
‘Bad faith’ blow to teachers during Government’s education review

Manitoba teachers are extremely concerned about the provincial government’s decision to close the Manitoba Curriculum Support Centre on Monday, April 1.

“We are frankly shocked that Manitoba teachers had no input into such a pivotal decision, especially during an education review that was billed as wide-open and free of pre-conceived ideas,” says MTS President Norm Gould.

Gould says moving core resources that teachers use to an online format may have pros and cons. “But the fact that the Society, which represents more than 15,000 professional educators across the province, was not informed nor consulted is disrespectful and an act of bad faith.

“These recent announcements are taking place without any regard to stakeholders’ input or interests. Why isn’t this part of the work of the Manitoba’s Commission on Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education?” asked Gould.

The Society will ask for a full accounting and rationale for the decision to close the Centre.