Provincial High School Test Results Hold Hidden Stories

Student performance mirrors last year, but patterns emerge in larger picture

Today’s release of Grade 12 provincial language arts (English and French) and math (essential, applied and pre-calculus) test results shows that every exam captures student performance as a snapshot in time. Most school divisions’ snapshots closely track those of last year.

“But the trend lines do tell stories of success and challenges,” says MTS President Norm Gould. “There are so many variables that account for student test performance. It really is up to each school division to assess which of those come into play and how to properly resource and fund its Language Arts and math programs.”

Each year, the number of students who write the provincial tests, which programs and resources are available to them, and how much individual class time teachers can make for them influence their performance – whether you’re looking at city, rural or northern divisions. “There are useful hidden stories to uncover,” says Gould. “These results are a benchmark to track future progress.”

“Teachers want every child to succeed,” he says. “We know better than anyone – better than any test – how each child is performing, and what we need as teachers to offer the best program to our students.”

Gould says teachers are looking forward to next year’s funding announcement to address the short- and long-term needs of students, teachers, principals and vice-principals.