Fall Regional Meetings Set

MTS President Norm Gould will be touring the province over the next three months to meet members and gather information on a number of critical issues.

We want to hear from you! You will have an opportunity to ask questions, raise concerns and discuss what is happening in your school. These meetings are open to all members. The focus is to develop a sense of advocacy and informed dialogue about the potential changes and direction that change may take.

Topics for the Regional Meeting Presentations are:

  • The Upcoming Manitoba Comprehensive Education Review
  • Teacher Pensions in Manitoba and across the country
  • Potential School Division changes (boundaries, finances, etc.)
  • Collective Bargaining 2018 and beyond
  • Local teacher and school issues
  • Speak out! Guide for Writing Letters to Politicians

Additional important information:

  • Norm Gould will be leading these sessions with an opportunity for Members in attendance to dialogue and discuss how member engagement and advocacy should be shaping the changes and discussions to come (Comprehensive Education Review).
  • These presentations are intended for any Member in your Local who is concerned about any or all of these issues


Members can register for meetings in their regions (see below) by clicking here