Teachers Rock Fab5 & MTS PD Day

Thousands of teachers were learning in classrooms and conference rooms the week of Oct. 16, taking part in the MTS Fab 5 Beginning Teachers’ Conference in Brandon and Winnipeg and MTS PD Day, the largest professional development day of the year.

MTS Professional Development Day – or MTS PD Day for short – featured 33 conferences each hosted by a separate group of educators at multiple locations in Winnipeg and around Manitoba. These groups put in huge efforts throughout the year to support professional learning for their members year-round, but particularly on MTS PD Day.

“Our members are always looking for ways to expand their knowledge and skills,” said Norm Gould, President of The Manitoba Teachers’ Society. “MTS PD Day is a great way to keep on top of the latest curriculum, research and teaching techniques.”

The Society would like to thank everyone who planned, presented and participated – and the student guides who volunteered dozens of venues. Here are some pics of just a small sample of the activities that took place in Winnipeg, Brandon and around Manitoba.