School Funding News Disappoints

feature_web_news2February 1, 2017

Students Shortchanged by Public School Funding Announcement

The Manitoba Government has announced an additional $13.1 million in funding for public schools for 2017-18.

“An investment in education is an investment in our province’s future. A government’s aspiration for our children’s education isn’t found in a Throne Speech or press release, it’s found in its budget, says MTS President Norm Gould, “and this announcement does not meet the needs of our children. All Manitobans know that our Children need more support – not less.”

“Manitoba’s public schools have long been funded at the rate of economic growth. Today’s announcement doesn’t even meet the rate of inflation, let alone the economic growth of the province.”

In a recent poll conducted by MTS, 90 percent of Manitobans believe the Manitoba government should increase education funding or maintain the current pattern of support Manitoba students deserve and have benefitted from.

“A 1 percent increase represents the lowest funding in years and sits at less than half the rate of inflation for the province at a time of rising enrolment throughout Manitoba – and at a time when school divisions are developing their budgets and priorities for 2017-18.” says Gould.