November 4, 2016

A 1,000-strong crush of students, teachers, labour groups and public supporters made a noisy and visible display of their backing for striking University of Manitoba faculty members in front of the University of Manitoba’s administration building, today.

“We want to let them know loud and clear what it is we’re asking for and show them that we have this broad support,” said UMFA president Mark Hudson speaking of the increasing workload and the move imposing unjustified performance metrics for professors and other faculty members.

Faculty from universities across the province and the country also came to lend their voices to the UMFA cause. Local unions showed a strong presence and MTS president Norm Gould directed his remarks to the crowd from the administration building steps.

“We stand side by side with our UFMA colleagues,” he said to loud applause. “We want a fair deal. We deserve a deal. And we want one now.”

Gould was interviewed by the CBC and the Winnipeg Free Press about the Society’s stance on asking teacher candidates not to cross the picket lines during the legal UMFA strike and the status of teacher candidates during practicums.



November 16, 2016 / Updated

The Manitoba Teachers’ Society has issued advice for teachers and students who are involved with the University of Manitoba, currently involved in a labour dispute with its faculty.

  1. Don’t cross the picket line as this is a legal strike. University course work and assignments will be disrupted and the expectation is that new deadlines, due dates and extensions will be ‎part of the post-strike clean-up and restart of your program.
  1. Students are advised to consult the U of M website and UMFA website for more specific information regarding updates and more information.
  1. Given that the strike is continuing, the practicum will be on hold and will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Please consult the websites of MTS, UMFA, UMSU and Faculty of Education for regular updates and information.

It is the Society’s position that without appropriate supervision by Faculty Advisors, teacher candidates are not functioning as student teachers and therefore cannot perform the usual roles of teacher candidates.

Students should not act in a manner that may undermine the UMFA strike committee protocols and advice.  Cooperating Teachers and Faculty Advisors should follow suit. Students may be disrupted and even delayed in their program but that is unfortunately the practical reality of the outcomes of a labour dispute‎.