June 6, 2016

More than 200 Manitoba teachers and supporters turned up loud and proud at the 2016 Pride Winnipeg Parade on June 5. The Parade was marked by a festive spirit, cloudless skies and a record-breaking display of colour and teacher pride.

Women teachers led the way with our rainbow banner. Chants of “teachers, teachers!” marked the procession down Memorial Blvd. and through the downtown. Specially designed “Proud Manitoba Teacher” tees uniquely identified the purple MTS swarm. And along the way our walkers handed out packs of crayons with the Society’s “The world is brighter when we include everyone” message.

The Society also greeted many hundreds of kids throughout the day at our tent at the Pride Festival held at The Forks that day. Our artistic and talented face-painters created countless works of art on small faces – and naturally, sent them away smiling.