What we do

The Manitoba Teachers’ Society is the collective bargaining and professional development organization for all of Manitoba’s 15,000 public school teachers.

Founded in 1919, the Society provides assistance to local associations in collective bargaining, offers professional development workshops and lobbies government on legislation that affects education, students and teachers.

As well, MTS provides a range of wellness services including the Disability Benefits Plan and Educator Assistance Program.

It also provides publication services for teacher organizations such as Special Area Groups and publishes the teachers’ newsletter, the annual handbook, annual report and an extensive range of brochures and other handbooks.


The Manitoba Teachers’ Society is dedicated to safeguarding the welfare of teachers, the status of the teaching profession and the cause of public education in Manitoba.


  1. To provide for its members an organization that will give them an equal, effective and democratic opportunity to pursue their interests and aspirations as teachers.
  2. To achieve for and utilize on behalf of its members a system of collective bargaining that will permit a fair and open negotiation of all economic benefits, professional rights and conditions of work of teachers.
  3. To ensure for its members opportunities to develop their professional skills as teachers.
  4. To protect and defend the individual rights of its members as teachers.
  5. To positively influence educational change.
  6. To be recognized as an effective agent of public education so that government will consult and maintain a continuous dialogue with teachers

Teachers’ Bill of Rights

The Teachers’ Bill of Rights has been adopted through policy resolutions presented at the Society’s Annual General Meetings. While many of its provisions have support in legislation, members are cautioned that it does not have the force of law.

  1. A teacher is entitled to be a member of, participate in the work of, and be represented by the Manitoba Teachers’ Society.
  2. A teacher is entitled to teach and be protected under provisions outlined in the collective agreement.
  3. A teacher is entitled to have consultation and due process with respect to all matters relating to contractual relationships.
  4. A teacher is entitled to be directly involved in all professional decisions including the determination of the criteria for performance evaluation.
  5. A teacher is entitled to work in a healthful and safe environment.
  6. A teacher is entitled to maintain a reasonable standard of discipline.
  7. A teacher is entitled to organize learning activities without unwarranted interference

May 2007