The following summarizes the features of the dental plans available to MTS members. The following benefit information is a summary of employee benefit plans which may be applicable to employment in your division. Note that benefit plans may vary by division, and where practicable, this has been noted.

In the case of any discrepancies, benefits will be paid according to the terms of the official plan documents and applicable legislation. In the event of any variations between this and the official Plan documents, the provisions of the official Plan documents will prevail.

Detailed information can be found in the extended health and dental plan booklets (click on the box, below right).

MTS dental plan
  • Responsibility of MTS/MSBA Dental Trust Committee.
  • Administered through Manitoba Blue Cross.
  • Mandatory participation in participating Divisions/Districts; premiums paid
    through payroll deductions

Benefits payable:

The Provincial Dental plan allows for coverage under one, two or three levels listed below.

Each association decides firstly if it is going to have coverage under level one, two or three and secondly the amount of coverage at each; the most common being 80% level one, 50% level two and 50% level three.

This means that a claimant will get 80% of the costs the Dental work under level one, 50% under level two, and 50% of the costs under level three.

Note, most associations also have either annual or lifetime caps on levels two and three.

For complete descriptions of the Dental benefits available in your association please contact your local association President or Glen Anderson, or 204 831 3052 or within Manitoba toll free at 866 494 5747.

Coverage Levels:

Examinations, filling, periodontics, cleaning, endodontics, consultations, fluoride, extractions, X-rays, space maintainer, drugs, anaesthetics , denture repairs
Major Restorative
Bridges and crowns, gold fillings (if required), partial and complete dentures, replacement of existing appliances (if five years old or rendered unserviceable as a result of additional work if temporary only)
Correction of malocclusion of the teeth, observation adjustments, repairs and alterations, appliance service, recementation of bands, consultations