An Added Measure of Comfort – Optional Life Insurance

We all have dreams for the future.  While some are for ourselves, most are for our loved ones. In order to make those dreams for the future come true, it’s important to protect them financially.  Optional Life Insurance is a smart, convenient way to get additional coverage at affordable group rates!

As a member of The Manitoba Teacher’s Society, your family is eligible for the following coverage:

  • You and your spouse – you are both eligible for up to $300,000 of coverage from a minimum of $10,000 (in units of $10,000).
  • Your dependent children – you may apply for up to $50,000 of coverage for each dependent child. Plus, if you and/or you spouse are approved for coverage, each dependent child will automatically receive $10,000 of coverage – at no additional cost to you.

For details on the MTS Optional Life Insurance plan:

Note: If you experience difficulty submitting these forms directly using your preferred web browser, please download (right click on link and select ‘save link as’) and send from your desktop.

For more details on the MTS Optional Life Insurance plan call the plan administrator, Mercer at 204 947-0055.