LifeSpeak’s Summer Campaign: Reflecting on Relationships

With the summer here, this campaign is a series of 4 weekly messages on that build upon one another. Relationships contribute to the well-being, sense of belonging, community, and self-worth of each and every one of us. But they can also be sources of conflict, pain, and confusion – they require consistent nurturing and work. Many of the trainings in this campaign may be new to your Library for the month.

Featuring module videos, transcripts, audio and tip sheets on:

  • Self-identity
  • Coupledom
  • Parenting
  • Eldercare
  • Workplace Relations
  • Strengthening Important Relationships

LifeSpeak will be available 24/7 from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Access is anonymous and confidential. 

To access LifeSpeak members should sign into MyProfile and click on the LifeSpeak link.