LifeSpeak’s Fall Campaign: Mastering Mental Health

In life we experience some turbulence, but it’s important that we equip ourselves with the right tools to ride it out. Our fall campaign features a series of 3 messages that build upon one another. In this set of trainings, our experts will teach you how to nurture a compassionate relationship with yourself so you can weather the highs and lows of daily life with a present and relaxed state of mind.

LifeSpeak offers participants the latest information, tips, and approaches on how to achieve balance and build resilience. Many of the trainings in this campaign may be new to your Library for the month.

Featuring module videos, transcripts, audio and tip sheets on:

  • Mental Health: Yourself
  • Mental Health: Your Family
  • Mental Health: Workplace

LifeSpeak will be available 24/7 from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Access is anonymous and confidential. 

To access LifeSpeak members should sign into MyProfile and click on the LifeSpeak link.