West Can Group

West Can Group has been providing quality direct dial long distance services to business and residential customers since deregulation in 1991.

Exceptional Customer Service

The key to West Can’s success is their people. The responsive management and knowledgeable staff are West Can’s customer service advantage. For over the past two decades, customers have come to recognize West Can’s outstanding record of service and savings.

Products and Services

  • Extremely competitive direct dial long distance 3 cents per minute 24/7 billed on a 30/6 billing increments throughout Canada and to the USA
  • Inbound toll free service – 3.5 cents per min. 24/7 billed on a 30/6 billing increments within Canada and from the USA
  • Cellular Long Distance – 5 cents per min. 24/7 throughout Canada and to the USA $1.50 MRC applies
  • VOIP (Voice over IP – replaces traditional land -line service) starting at $14.95 per month – some stipulations do apply.
  • Reservationless Conference Calling services – please speak to a customer service rep for details

“West Can Takes pride in providing quality products and service at competitive prices”

To register please contact West Can via email at info@westcangroup.ca or to speak to a West Can Customer Service Representative, call toll free 1-800-665-0384, within Winnipeg call 982-3600.