Back-to-School FAQs

I see someone in the school displaying symptoms. What should I do?

The Workplace Safety and Health Act and public health orders advise that you must immediately inform your principal.

What happens if someone in a school gets sick?

Each school division is required to have a plan that addresses this. Please refer to your division’s protocol. If you require additional advice, contact a Teacher Welfare Staff Officer at 1-800-262-8803.

What about masks?

Masks will be required for students in Grades 4 to 12, teachers, school staff, bus drivers, and visitors when physical distancing of two metres is not possible. Younger students may wear masks, if they prefer. Masks will be provided to students and staff who need them. All students and staff on school buses must wear masks. Click here for the most up to date guidance on this issue.

I need an accommodation specific to my medical or family issue. What should I do?

Contact a Teacher Welfare Staff Officer at 1-800-262-8803 for advice.

More questions?

Manitoba Education has compiled a FAQ to address concerns. Click here for more info.