Advice to Members

The Manitoba Teachers’ Society advises members to adhere to the following principles while working from home:

• Your first responsibility is to your students, so ensure that you are fulfilling your obligations by providing meaningful learning opportunities for students to experience/ explore while learning from home.

• Continue to adhere to and maintain professional boundaries with students and parents while teaching and communicating via electronic methods. This should include communicating only during daytime hours and limiting the volume of communication to a reasonable level.

• Continue to be responsible to make an ongoing effort to improve professionally. We encourage members to incorporate professional development activities during your day such as reading professional learning materials, listening to podcasts, watching relevant pedagogical or instructional media materials or even connecting via the various electronic media with colleagues.

• Continue to conduct all of your interactions with students, peers and the public with consideration and good faith. Be mindful of your use of social media. The use of social media is widely in the public eye and this domain is subject to a wide range of perspectives and opinions. Public monitoring and commentary can create unintended consequences.

• Members should remain at home and continue to follow the advice of public health officials during this important time of the COVID-19 crisis. Please pay attention to the advice regarding social distancing and limit human interactions outside of your home.The government has taken very serious and drastic steps to suspend classes so that we can all do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Check here for regular updates on COVID-19 for MTS members

A reminder that the Manitoba Teachers’ Society Code of Professional Practice still applies while you work from home.My thanks to all our members for their extraordinary dedication during this uncertain time.

We are truly in this together.

Advice to MTS Members on Working from Home PDF here