Applied Commerce Educators of Manitoba

ACE Re-boot!

Dakota Collegiate, 661 Dakota Street, Winnipeg, MB

October 25, 2019 – 8:30am-3:30pm


Registration, 8:30 am-9:00 am
Morning Mini-Keynote Sessions (everyone), 9:00 am-12:00 pm
Lunch/AGM, 12:00 pm-1:00 pm
Afternoon Sessions (choose one), 1:00 pm-3:00 pm
ACE Games/Prizes, 3:00 pm-3:30 pm

Morning Mini-Keynote Session – 9-12

Mini-Keynotes for ACE teachers

We didn’t want to make you have to choose so we found a way to make sure you can hear them all! The morning session will include a variety of mini-keynotes that focus on many of the common core outcomes that exist in all 14 ACE courses. The topics and presenters include:
How to incorporate the LIFT ethics program into your ACE courses
(presented by BBB, CEO/Board Len Andrusiak)
Social media/sexting and teens
(presented by Gord Olson, RCMP Child Exploitation Unit)
Financial literacy resources
(presented by CPA Manitoba)
Using case studies to enhance your personal finance and entrepreneur programs.
*Case study fun-compete for some great prizes! (presented by Kyle Prevost, Birtle Collegiate)

Afternoon Sessions – 1:00pm-3:00pm – *Choose ONE

ACE01 – Using Next Generation Financial Literacy

Are you teaching Personal Finance and can’t find good material? Look no farther! Next Gen Personal FInance will help you develop your course. NGPF is a one-stop website resource that you can use to help you develop your own course. This session will explain who they are what they provide and how to find the resources you will need to develop the course you want. We will look at their unit plans, lesson plans, answer keys, questions of the day, interactive games and more. If you want to participate in this session, please bring your own device. We will be using Google Chrome and a Google account is recommended.

Presenter: Mike Payment, Steinbach Regional Secondary School

ACE02 – Is there a Demand for Economic Resources

This session will supply you with materials guaranteed to make economic concepts easier to understand for students and teachers. Liven up your economics classes with a variety of hands-on, interactive resources. Online and print resources gathered from attending conferences and viewing webinars will be shared.

Presenter: Sharon McRae, Fort Richmond Collegiate

ACE03 – Resources for Teaching Life Works/Career Development

This session will include ideas on how to build continuity across the different grade levels of the Life Works program. Ideas on how to use career development software like myBlueprint effectively as well as how to incorporate a year-end portfolio project will also be shared. Please feel free to bring resources you’d like to share with the other participants!

Presenter: Whitney Jones, Fort Richmond Collegiate

ACE04 – Ideas for Teaching Applied Technologies and Topics & Trends in Business

Thinking about offering the new Applied Technologies 40S and/or Topics & Trends in Business 40S? This session will take a look at a cyber research project, advanced tools in Microsoft, the use of Drones, AI, and other ideas and resources for teaching these two new Grade 12 ACE courses.

Presenter: Esther Penner, Steinbach Regional Secondary School

ACE05 – High School Hustles

This session will give you the skills and expertise to take your entrepreneurship program to the next level. We will look at developing profitable ideas with your students, successfully building business teams, enhancing student success with startups, and taking these startups to the next level through event development and mentorship with existing entrepreneurs. Different resources and experiences will be shared.

Presenter: Sean Hopps, Portage Collegiate Institute

ACE06 – Gender Parity in Tech

This first part of this session will focus on gender parity within the tech sector and how educators can contribute to developing skills and an environment that enables youth to be more successful and more fulfilled as citizens working in a world that is continuously being disrupted by technology. The presentation will address reasons why the industry currently has a pronounced gender imbalance, along with ways businesses are implementing positive strategies in order to increase recruitment and retention of female tech staff. Our workshop moderator will explore available tools and resources that educators can access to bolster discussion and learning in their classrooms.

The second half of this session will include an opportunity for educators to reflect on the presentation as well as share ideas on how to incorporate gender parity projects and experiences in the classroom.

Presenter: Facilitated by ICTAM (ICT Association of Manitoba)

ACE07 – Using Educational Tours to Promote Your ACE Courses

The team at Fort Richmond Collegiate just recently completed an educational tour to California. Learn how they planned, fundraised and prepared students for a six-day tour to San Francisco and Los Angeles. This educational tour was essentially used to promote the ACE courses, extended learning outside the classroom and as professional development for the department as a whole. If you are thinking an educational tour might be in your near future, then this session is for you!

Presenter: Chad Halstead, Ivan Marynovskyy, Fort Richmond Collegiate

Fees and Registration

Conference Fee: $30.00
Membership Fee*: $20.00
Membership* + Conference Fee: $50.00
Student Fee*: $10.00
Student Membership* + Conference Fee: $40.00
Early Bird with cut-off dates (if applicable):
Non-members Conference Fee: $45.00

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