Authentic Equity Workshop

Supporting teachers and leaders to create equitable classrooms and schools and to avoid common pitfalls that create the illusion of equity while maintaining inequity. Using the equity literacy framework, participants will learn content, practical strategies, and facilitation skills to strengthen equity efforts and intervene with bias and inequity.

TOPICS: Creating safe and inclusive classroom environments where students can express themselves; recognizing and responding to bias; facilitating age-appropriate strategies for teaching about equity issues such as sexism and poverty; and supporting students to develop critical thinking and analytical skills to recognize bias in resources, interactions and policies.

DATE: March 1 & 2, 2019

SPEAKER PAUL GORSKI: Paul Gorski is the founder of EdChange and the Equity Literacy Institute. He has spent more than 20 years working with educators around the world on strengthening their commitments to educational equity and justice. He has written more than 50 articles and written, co-written, or co-edited 10 books including Reaching and Teaching Students in Poverty, Strategies for Erasing the Opportunity Gap, Case Studies on Diversity and Social Justice Education, and Voices for Diversity and Social Justice.

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