LifeSpeak Wellness Platform

Weight management with David Sarwer

Over the last several decades, obesity has become one of North Americas biggest health problems. While we often think about obesity as an aesthetic issue, the reality is, it’s associated with a whole host of significant medical illnesses.

This months feature highlights weight management issues and how to manage them using an array of tactics, including lifestyle changes and surgery.

We are excited to introduce the LifeSpeak app!

Now you can get the expert information you trust from the device you always have with you.

Available in the App Store and on Google Play, in english and french.

The app gives you the same amazing expert-led content, along with brand-new features:

• Download videos for offline viewing
• Stream podcasts; no need to download them
• Earn points and badges for any activities you engage in either on the app or on the LifeSpeak website
• Join leaderboard (anonymously) to measure your activity against your peers’
• Participate in Ask the Expert web chats right from your phone
• Manage your account from the app

View the App launch poster here ENG | FRE

Look for LifeSpeak in your members’ portal

At The Manitoba Teachers’ Society, we realize there are times we could all use extra advice, support, information or inspiration. We are excited to be bringing you LifeSpeak – a digital wellness platform that can provide MTS members and their families with instant access to expert advice and confidential information when and where they need it.

There are over 480 expert-led video modules on topics such as:

• Mindfulness
• Eating for Optimal Health
• Better Sleep for Better Health
• Mental Health Stigma
• Parenting Topics – from Maternity to Teens
• Shifting Your Mindset to Wealth
• Stress Mastery
• Couples Relationships
• Professional Development & Leadership content
• Digital Addiction

LifeSpeak will be available 24/7 from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Access is anonymous and confidential. 

To access LifeSpeak members should sign into MyProfile and click on the LifeSpeak link.