Don’t miss this annual workshop designed to assist those in the roles of Wellness Chairs looking for ways to bring wellness into the day to day lives of our members. The event includes training in wellness programming, guest speakers, and opportunities for Wellness Chairs to network and plan with their colleagues. Space is limited for this event, register as soon as possible to guarantee your seat!

Saturday, November 23, 2019 8:30am – 3:30pm
The Manitoba Teachers Society
191 Harcourt St, Winnipeg, MB R3J 3H2

It is extremely important that your association be represented at this workshop. It will include presentations and resources on Stress, Mental Health, Mindfulness, as well as an overview of Balance – The Manitoba Teachers’ Society Wellness Program. It will provide an opportunity for Wellness Chairs to network with the presenters of the Balance team to see if their skill sets are a strategic match for your association goals.

Each association is invited to send one representative to the seminar at Society expense. In view of the issues facing our members we suggest that the representative be the Wellness Chair. Associations may wish to register another representative, at association expense, to participate in the discussions, given the impact of wellness on member welfare.

In addition, some associations are entitled to send more than one representative at Society expense according to the following policy: That representatives from Division/Remote Local/Associate Member Associations to provincial seminars other than August Seminars, organized and/or sponsored by The Manitoba Teachers’ Society be on the basis of one representative for every 800 members, or part thereof.

All associations are entitled to send delegates beyond the number to which they are entitled but at association expense.

Registration open soon!

Pre-registration is required in order to provide the appropriate number of meals and information kits.

Should you have any questions please direct them to Lisa Firth, Administrative Assistant, Teacher Welfare, at (204)837-4666, Ext. 241, 1-866-494-5747 Ext. 241 or email