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MTS PD Day Workshops

Royal Winnipeg Ballet, 380 Graham Avenue


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9:00 -10:00 
Session A – Improv with Claire Marshall
Session B – Bhangra and Jhommer Folk Dance





Breakdance with Luca Lazylegz Patuelli


Session A – Tap with Robin Dow
Session B  – Dance Ed. Camp – This is an opportunity for educators to share questions, thoughts and knowledge with one another. Participants suggest topics for discussion amongst peers, for example – dealing with injuries, assessment, appropriateness of dance costuming/choreography, etc. Participants are free to move from table to table in order to engage with the topics most concerning to them. Upon registration, participants will be asked to send in what topics they wish to discuss.

Performance by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Keynote and Afternoon Session

Luca Lazylegz Patuelli (

Luca will offer a keynote on inclusion and dance, community building and his main motto, no excuses, no limits. His afternoon session will be a breakdance workshop for teachers and how to approach this for all levels of inclusion in the dance room.

Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli has lived by this motto his whole life. Born with Arthrogryposis, a neuromuscular disorder affecting the bones and joints of the body, he has undergone a total of 16 surgeries since he was 7 months old to support his legs, hips, spine, and shoulders. Despite facing physical challenges, Luca learned at early age about the power of adapting positively to any situation. Always wanting to stay active and join his friends in any activity, he was able to devise creative adaptations to be able to participate in soccer, football, and baseball. He even succeeded in learning how to rock climb, surf, and ski. He found ways to be able to join his high school swim and dive teams. As he explored the full gamut of physical activities, skateboarding developed into a particular passion. Then, at 15 years old, Luca was introduced to breakdancing (Bboying/Bgirling). Immediately, he was attracted to the music, the culture and, of course, to the challenging movements. He slowly began creating a unique style that took advantage of his upper body strength. By using his crutches as extensions of his arms, Bboy Lazylegz was born!

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