Candidates for PX

April 7, 2017

A total of 13 MTS members have been nominated so far for positions on the 2017-2018 provincial executive.

There is one nomination for president, one for vice-president. There are also 11 nominated for eight positions as members-at-large. Voting on the executive will take place at the Society’s Annual General Meeting in May. Further nominations could be made at that time.

The following are the candidates and which position they are running for:

Norm Gould, St. James-Assiniboia,  President
James Bedford, Louis Riel, Vice President
Richard Alarie, AEFM, Member-at-large
Jeff Cieszecki, Seven Oaks, Member-at-large
Ashleigh Deeley Michaluk, Pembina Trails, Member-at-large
Kerry Enns, Border Land, Member-at-large
Albert Krynski, Portage la Prairie, Member-at-large
Nathan Martindale, Winnipeg, Member-at-large
Cathy Pellizarro, Thompson, Member-at-large
Dawn Rigaux, Western, Member-at-large
Cynthia Taylor, Louis Riel, Member-at-large
Sandy Turcotte, Seine River, Member-at-large
Jonathan Waite, Seine River, Member-at-large

All candidates’ election statements and biographies can be viewed here.