February 22, 2017

Manitoba students and teachers packed all three levels of the Burton Cummings Theatre for I Love to Read Live hosted by Virgin Radio 103.1 and sponsored by The Manitoba Teachers’ Society. Radio personalities Ace Burpee, Chrissy Troy and LTI wowed a huge early- and middle-years crowd with wildly animated readings featuring sound effects – “screeee”, watch out for that pterodactyl! – shout-backs, and plenty of onstage kibitzing.

The buzz in the house was warm and kid-friendly as students repeated lines and verbally kibitzed with the stage personalities. Mayor Brian Bowman was on hand early in the program, and children’s music icon Fred Penner who brought it home with his signature tunes. MTS President Norm Gould went backstage to thank all the performers for bringing an hour of magic to an truly appreciative crowd.

Photo L-R: Fred Penner, Chrissy Troy, Ace Burpee and MTS President Norm Gould.