Council of School Leaders 

Leading With Confidence


Tec Voc High School – 1555 Wall Street


Opening Keynote SpeakerIvan E. Coyote

8:45 am – 9:00 am          Greetings (COSL Chairperson, MTS Vice President – Nathan Martindale )

9:00 am – 10:15 am        Opening Keynote: Somewhere Over the Rainbow Sticker – Ivan E. Coyote

10:15 am – 10:45 am       Health Break

10:45 am – 12:00 am      Breakout Sessions

12:00 am – 1:00 pm        Lunch (No entertainment or scheduled activity – this uninterrupted break will provide
participants the opportunity to network/mingle with one another)

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm         Breakout Sessions (Presenters will build in a break between 2:15 pm and 2:45pm)

Limited Parking on site at south end of the staff parking lot (south of the main entrance to the school). There will be street parking available. Come early to ensure a good spot. Go to to see a map indicating parking.

Ivan E. Coyote – Somewhere Over The Rainbow Sticker

Ivan E. Coyote is an award-winning author of twelve books, and a renowned live performer. Coyote has also been touring public schools across the continent and beyond for nearly two decades, working to ensure a safe and respectful learning environment for all students, always with the careful eye and tender heart of a fellow misfit. Ivan knows that by addressing the needs of marginalized youth, we can build a better and safer school environment for all of our kids. Coyote uses personal narrative and the well-honed timing of a gifted storyteller to bring us a powerful message of hope and resilience.





Breakout Sessions

A) Workshops on Workshops – Lia Gervino, Staff Officer, Professional and French Language Service

Teachers will build capacity and confidence to develop presentations and facilitate professional learning for adult learners. Recommended for teachers and leaders who develop and present at PD days and professional learning events.
Topics: Conditions and practices for effective adult learning, brain-friendly teaching; 4C’s of workshop design; and facilitation skills for high participation and engagement.

Lia Gervino is a Staff Officer in the Professional and French Language Services Department whose work focuses on supporting Professional Development Chairs and SAGE groups. Her background in education includes special education programming and student services.




B) Leading Professional Learning: Building Capacity for Sustained Effective Practice – Eric Sagenes TLLT Team Lead / Education Research Analyst Professional and French Language Services

This simulation game engages participants to work together as a team to create an ongoing and collaborative system for professional learning in order to change practice. Through the lens of Principal as Change Agent, the big ideas examined include principles of change and collaborative professionalism.

Eric Sagenes is a Staff Officer and facilitator of a variety of field work including Collaborative Learning Teams and team leader of the Teacher-Led Learning Team. Eric has worked as a middle years’ classroom teacher, EAL consultant, and university instructor. Eric is passionate about social justice, anti-oppressive education, and equity work.




C) Better Conversations

Participants will apply skills learned in Difficult Conversations through the lens of three big ideas: A Better Me (self-awareness); A Better We (relational awareness); A Better Conversation (conversational awareness). Topics: Understanding how values affects behavior in conversations; active listening skills; communication stumbling blocks; and diffusion techniques to stay in dialogue. 2 members of the MTS Teacher-Led Learning Team will be you facilitators.

Sherry Jones is a school leader in the Winnipeg School Division who is passionate about building positive relationships and providing inclusive, safe learning environments. She has worked for 15 years in various roles including as a French immersion teacher and technology and inquiry support teacher. She holds BA, BEd, PBDE and MEd degrees, and her interests include innovative teaching and learning as well as cultural identity.




Heather Marks is in her 5th year as a Principal in Seven Oaks School Division. Most of Heather’s 21-year career have been in a French Immersion context, which demonstrates her love of the French language. Heather holds an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership as well as two PBDE certificates. Heather’s current areas of professional interest are Leadership and ESD initiatives in schools.



D) Supervision of Staff: A Toolbox for Principals

School leaders and aspiring school leaders will develop knowledge and skills for the supervision of staff. Topics: Building trust, differences between supervision, evaluation and discipline; legislative responsibilities; divisional policy and protocols; documentation 101; and delivering feedback.
Please note: that participants will not participate in the morning keynote as this session runs all day.

Dr. Danielle Fullan Kolton is the Assistant General Secretary: Programs & Professional and French Language Services at The Manitoba Teachers’ Society. In this capacity, she provides support of the management function of the Society and oversees professional learning programs and services. Danielle is passionate about supporting members in the complexity of teaching, leading, and learning. She has worked as a K-12 teacher, principal, educational consultant, and university instructor.



Andrew Peters is a Staff Officer with The Manitoba Teachers’ Society, presently bargaining collective agreements in the Parkland region and St. James-Assiniboia School Division. He also deals with a wide variety of labour relations issues in all regions of the province and is the first responder for Principals. Before joining the Society in 2007, he was a principal of a K-12 school in rural Saskatchewan, and has also taught in both Northern and Rural Manitoba





E) Compassion Fatigue

Compassion fatigue has been described as “the cost of caring” for others in emotional pain. The helping field has gradually begun to recognize that workers are profoundly affected by the work they do, whether It is by direct exposure to traumatic events, secondary exposure, working with clients that are chronically in despair, witnessing people’s inability to improve their very difficult life circumstances, or feeling helpless in the face of poverty and emotional anguish.

Compassion fatigue is characterized by deep physical and emotional exhaustion and a pronounced change in the helper’s ability to feel empathy for their patients/clients, loved ones and their co-workers. It is marked by increased cynicism at work, a loss of enjoyment of our career, and eventually can turn into depression, secondary traumatic stress and stress-related illness.

Rebecca Martin-Ilunga has a Master’s in Counseling and is a Registered Social Worker with 17 years of clinical experience. Rebecca has been working at the Aulneau Renewal Centre since 2013 with individual children, teens, adults and families. As well as a clinician, Rebecca is the Team Lead for our spiritual committee, on our safety committee, she facilitates workshops and is in charge of our Social Committee.

F) Snapshot of Manitoba Programming—3 Distinctive PD Offerings from Manitoba School Leaders.

These sessions will each run for approximately 1 hr 15. Exact times TBD. Apps to Empower School Administrators will occur after the keynote in the morning and the other 2 will share the afternoon slot after lunch.

1) Apps to Empower School Administrators

This session will focus on applications that are simple and powerful and sometimes even free to help increase efficiency and transform collaboration and communication. Apps to be examined wil be:

  • BaseCamp for project management
  • Evernote to digitize all that paper
  • MailChimp to create brief format electronic newsletters that build community through communication
  • Google Suite… what does it offer to make the job running a school go digital?

Brad Burns, Principal at Ecole River Heights, Winnipeg School Division is an experienced educator and school administrator. One of Brad’s main focus areas is the application of innovative technology in the classroom and in school administration. He has presented at provincial and international conferences sharing his technological innovation experiences with school administrators and teachers. Brad is involved in educational leadership on a wider scale through his work with Manitoba ASCD. He is currently on the Board of Directors and chairs the Communications Committee.


2) Youth Revolution (YR)

This student led presentation brings you into the world of student engagement and empowerment. Youth Revolution students will share their voice in how they are making a difference in their schools and their community. These students from grades 5-12 belong to an inspirational group of young people who are creating positive waves in their community and beyond. Youth Revolution (or YR) is a student led, student directed cross-divisional program. With over 500 students and over 70 staff, involved YR is a home grown, unique program in Brandon School Division. Foundational to YR is allowing students to explore and champion with their peers healthy lifestyle choices, volunteerism, community and environmental stewardship and service learning. YR strives to instill good leadership skills while helping students find ways to increase their sense of belonging and well-being. School teams create programs or events for their peers, parents and guardians in order to mobilize and inspire their community. YR is a vehicle, to build unique, real world knowledge and skills to help students succeed in our ever-increasing interconnected world.

YR is led at the divisional level by its Coordinator Angela McGuire-Holder Community Alcohol Education Specialist, Brandon School Division under the umbrella of a community coalition, the Brandon Community Drug and Alcohol Coalition. Angela has been with YR for 5 years, previous to that she was a school counsellor as well as a teacher in middle and high school levels for 15 years.


3) Brooklands Outdoor School Experience

Rex will provide an overview of this alternative approach to teaching outside, illustrating the steps needed to start your own experience and the benefits that have been observed. The session will conclude with an action list and a question and answer period.



Rex Ferguson-Baird in the St. James School Division, has been a school leader since 2001. He currently works with an amazing team at Brooklands Elementary School where he has been the principal for 11 years. Rex believes great schools have highly aligned teams committed to a common vision. Leadership empowers teams to be effective, create healthy relationships, inspire each other and ask each other “Is it working?”. These elements create the conditions for student success.






Registration and Conference Fees

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COSL Member– $115.00 (lunch included)
Non-members- $140.00 (lunch included)
For further information contact:
Myles Blahut, COSL Chairperson