ManACE PD DAY 2019



9:00am-3:00pm – Full Day Workshops


Playgrounds Arcade
Jim Thomson

This session combines a look at the Unity3D game engine Playgrounds project to build 2D games with minimal programming and a look at how to build a Joystick button arcade control system for Windows or Mac.

Prerequisites: None
Enrollment limit: 20
Location: Room 215, Kildonan East Collegiate, 845 Concordia Avenue, Winnipeg
Requirements: USB Stick or Google Drive recommended
Contact: Jim Thomson at

Googley Goodness
Trevor Poole & Phil Taylor

If you’re an educator who knows how to use Google tools in the classroom, Google Certified Educator Level 1 certification proves your proficiency. Find out what it takes to get certified and improve your educational technology pedagogy skills.

“Working towards the Level 1 Certification allowed me to gain confidence and an  understanding of how to use Google tools in the classroom. It’s definitely changed my behavior and perspective as an educator.” – SAM BROOKS

This full-day workshop will get you started on your journey of becoming a Google for Education Certified Educator – Level 1. Level 1 focuses on Google tools at a foundational level, but also gives educators insight into pedagogical approaches and ideas when using G Suite for Education tools.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with most Google for Education tools
Enrollment limit: 46
Location: Room 213, St. John’s-Ravenscourt School, 400 South Drive, Winnipeg
Requirements: Laptop with Chrome browser (some Chromebooks can be provided)
Contact: Trevor Poole at

Digital Photography – Beyond The Basics
Barry Panas

If you already have a DSLR or mirrorless camera and know the basics, then this session will help you kick it up to the next notch. We will spend the morning discussing several topics including advanced focusing techniques, exposure compensation, shooting in Manual Mode and shooting in difficult situations such as school gyms and stage or theater productions. Participants will then spend time in the afternoon practicing these skills with their own cameras. The day will end with a brief introduction to and overview of Adobe Lightroom.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with basic use of dSLR or mirrorless cameras
Enrollment limit: 20
Location: Room 119, St. John’s-Ravenscourt School, 400 South Drive, Winnipeg
Requirements: dSLR or mirrorless camera
Contact: Barry Panas at

Middle School Makerspaces
Andrew Mead

Come play in the Mitchell Middle School Makerspace. Learn how to use some new tools and find ways to connect what we have (or you have) to your curriculum.  This session would appeal to teachers and administrators from all grade levels.

Prerequisites: A willingness to be creative, have some fun and play.
Enrollment limit: 25
Location: Mitchell Middle School, 203 Third St, Mitchell
Requirements: None
Contact: Andrew Mead at

Share Your Learning
Katie Martin & Kurt Hangle

“When students share their learning with an authentic audience we provide them with an opportunity to share their story, reflect on their growth, and engage in real dialogue with others about their learning and their futures (” Become an agent of change by exploring different ways to get students publicly sharing their learning in your schools and classrooms.

Prerequisites: None
Enrollment limit: 50
Location: Niverville High School, 161 5th Avenue S, Niverville
Requirements: Laptop or iPad
Contact: Katie Martin at

Using Google Forms & Sheets to Create an Automated Gradebook
Ryan Blight

The Google Suite is full of powerful and useful educational tools for all teachers, but what if I told you that through Forms and Sheets you could build your own fully automated and autocompiling gradebook? Join me as we use some IFERROR, VLOOKUP and IMPORTRANGE formulas, some pivot tables, and any assignment you already have to build this time-saving, auto-compiling gradebook!

Prerequisites: Gmail account, familiarity with Google Sheets & Google Forms
Enrollment limit: 25
Location: Steinbach Regional Secondary School, 190 McKenzie Avenue, Steinbach
Requirements: Laptop or tablet with access to your Google account
Contact: Ryan Blight at

Social Media for Educators
Kirsten Thompson

“The story of your school/classroom is being told; are you a part of the narrative?”

Effective communication and transparency in education allows for the development of stronger school/stakeholder relationships, increases community engagement, and increases educational opportunities for students. This session will be divided into informational and hands-on components which will share information on social media use in Canada, how to use accounts for school & classroom use, best practices, and provide opportunities for participants to explore platforms and set up accounts.

Prerequisites: None
Enrollment limit: 40
Location: Mountain View School Division Office, Highway 5 just west of Dauphin
Requirements: Laptop, tablet or phone of your choice
Contact: Kirsten Thompson at

High School Math with DESMOS
Lam Nguyen

Exploring various DESMOS tools and activities for teaching and learning high school math (polygraph, activity builder, lesson bundles, graphing).  This session will appeal to middle years and senior years math teachers who are looking to gain experience with integrating DESMOS into the classroom. From beginners to experienced users of technology, there is space for all to learn and develop.

Prerequisites: Laptop, tablet or other device.
Enrollment limit: 30
Location: St. John’s-Ravenscourt School, 400 South Drive, Winnipeg
Requirements: willingness to learn something new
Contact: Lam Nguyen at

Microsoft OneNote, Teams & Office365
Aaron Klassen

An introduction to the various tools that Microsoft Office 365 offers to teachers and students. There will be time to explore the various apps and use them to develop classroom materials. Geared for Middle or Senior Years teachers. Will focus on using Teams to develop assignments, collaborate with students, and assessment.

Prerequisites: Existing Office365 account
Enrollment limit: 25
Location: Shevchenko School, 100 School Avenue, Vita, Manitoba
Requirements: Laptop recommended (limited laptops available for use at the school)
Contact: Aaron Klassen at

Creating in the Classroom
Devon Caldwell & Leah Obach

Support learners in creating with technology. Engage learners in publishing books, filming videos, coding characters and more with these ideas for creating in the classroom. Explore tools to share your students’ work with a real audience and connect your classroom to the world. This session will have broad appeal for early years and middle years teachers.

Prerequisites:Basic technology skills
Enrollment limit:
Location: Faculty of Education, Brandon University, 270 18th Street, Brandon
Requirements: Bring a device and a book you are currently reading.
Contact: Leah Obach at


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