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Root Our Practice in Wellness: Nurture Body, Mind and Soul – FULL

St. John’s-Ravenscourt School

Program at a Glance


Code Time Speaker/Activity
8:30 – 3:00 Vendors
8:30 – 9:00 Registration /coffee
KN1 9:00-


Keynote: Kevin Lamoureux

Reading Between the Lines: Truth, Reconciliation and the Role of Literature in both Harm and Healing



Nutrition Break
AM11 10:30-11:15 Sound Healing Meditation

l’aura and Danny Carroll

AM12 10:30-11:15 Secrets of Clutter Clearing – Denise Linn Method for Clutter Clearing® FULL

Mona-Lynne Ayotte

AM13 10:30-11:15 Self-Regulation Panel
AM14 10:30-11:15 Mental Health First Aid

Brenda Preston

AM21 11:15-12:00 Sound Healing Meditation

l’aura and Danny Carroll

AM22 11:15-12:00 Storytelling

Duncan Mercredi

AM23 11:15-12:00 MELT FULL

Annabel Scott

AM24 11:15-12:00 Sensory Tools to Support Learning

Karen Slippert FULL

AM25 11:15-12:00 Let’s Get Moving

Monique Marcker

12:00-1:00 Lunch
PM31 1:00 – 1:30 Take Time to Smell the Flowers
PM32 1:00 – 1:30 Take Time for Yoga in the Library

Monique Marcker

PM33 1:00 – 1:30 Take Time for R&R in R – Reading and Relaxation in Rosenberg Library
PM34 1:00 – 1:30 Desk Top Labyrinth

Joyce Riddell

PM35 1:00 – 1:30 Redefinitions: The Power of a Spontaneous Story (continued in PM45)

Judith Smucker

PM41 1:30 – 2:15 Canadian Book Blitz

Karen San Filippo

PM42 1:30 – 2:15 Being the Positive Role Model

Monique Marcker

PM43 1:30 – 2:15 Intermittent Fasting? Keto? Vegan? What’s the Real Deal with Dieting?

Stephanie Hnatiuk

PM44 1:30 – 2:15 Trans Lit: A Primer

Lara Rae

PM45 1:30 – 2:15 Redefinitions: The Power of a Spontaneous Story (continuation of PM35)

Judith Smucker

KN2 2:20 – 3:00 Keynote: Lara Rae

Things will Shift During Taking Off!



Code: KN1
Time: 9:00 – 10:00
Session Title: Reading Between the Lines: Truth, Reconciliation and the Role of Literature in both Harm and Healing
Presenter: Kevin Lamoureux
Session Description: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada offered 94 Calls to Action as a pathway towards Canada achieving its full potential. So many of these Calls to Action are grounded in education and awareness, putting schools on the front lines of Reconciliation. This session will consider the tremendous opportunity that has been given to public educators to engage with Indigenous peoples, knowledge, and talent; with a particular focus on libraries, literature and sources of knowledge. This session will be empowering to Teacher-Librarians and offer all Canadians an invitation to be an active part of solutions to challenges that we have all inherited.

About the Presenter:
Kevin Lamoureux is a Faculty member at the University of Winnipeg and a well known public speaker. He has served as Associate Vice President for the University of Winnipeg, Education Lead for the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, and as Scholar in Residence for several school divisions. Lamoureux is an award winning scholar with an impressive publication and research grant record, and has consulted for governments, organizations and institutions across Canada. His most recent book contribution, for Ensouling Our Schools with Dr. Jennifer Katz, is being used by educators across Canada working to create inclusive spaces for all students. He has been seen on TV, in documentaries, in print, and in the media. More than anything, Lamoureux is committed to reconciliation and contributing to an even better Canada for all children to grow up in.

Code: KN2
Time: 2:20 – 3:00
Session Title: Things will Shift During Take Off! A Safety Demonstration before you take Flight and Control Your Life
Presenter: Lara Rae
Session Description: Breathe! How many of us (women esp.) keep things that challenge and stress us inside because we don’t want to be a bother or that we put our own needs second.  Lara Rae lived with painful anxiety about her gender for years and paid a happiness tax that she hopes you never need to.  In our own lives, we need to put our own oxygen mask on FIRST (self-care, mindfulness, threat assessment) before we can even begin to be useful to those we love.

Our fear-slayer Lara puts the “trans” in transcending doubt and leading a high altitude life!

About the Presenter:

Lara Rae is a prize-winning writer for radio and television, a public speaker, an emcee, a radio host and a 30 veteran of stand up comedy. She is the co-founding A.D of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival.  Lara was the Just For Laughs Homegrown Comedy Competition National Champion. 2000.  She has contributed dozens of items both comedic and informative to CBC Radio, hosted numerous radio programs on CBC Radio and had her own call-in show on CFRB in Toronto. She is the only transgender person to host the CBC Radio flagship program The Current.  She teaches at the University of Winnipeg in the Women and Gender Studies Dept and is the opera reviewer for CBC Manitoba.  She was one of the developers of the international hit sitcom Little Mosque on the Prairie for which she shared two Geminis, two Comedy Awards and a Prix Roma (Italy) screenwriting prize. Her autobiographical play Dragonfly debuted at Theatre Projects Manitoba in March 2019.


Code: AM11
Time: 10:20 – 11:15
Session Title: Sound Healing Meditation
Presenter: Danny and l’aura Carroll
Session Description: What we provide is a relaxing environment through music, sound healing and guided imagery. The sound healing meditation and guided imagery provide ways to connect with your inner wisdom through a process which leads you to “Clear, Charge and Balance” your energy system. Danny has 32 years of experience as a teacher at all levels: elementary, junior high, senior high, and University. So we both understand the stresses of being in an educational system!!
Our presentation will be a short talk about stress releasing techniques followed by the relaxing sound healing meditation experience with l’aura guiding the meditation and playing the crystal bowls and other sounds. Danny will be playing live musical soundscapes.
About the Presenters:
l’aura Carroll(RCRT, Reiki Master). Besides being a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist, l’aura is an intuitive-sound/energy healer, teacher and mentor with over two and a half decades of experience leading meditation groups, workshops and classes. l’aura plays a collection of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, medicine flute, gong and frame drum. l’aura also incorporates mantras and chants in her work.
Danny Carroll(Masters in Education, Bach Music – Composition) is a professional musician and composer. He composes and performs our musical healing soundscapes for the meditations, with the help of electronic keyboards and computer software. You can hear more of Danny at

Code: AM12 FULL
Time: 10:20 – 11:15
Session Title: Secrets of Clutter Clearing – Denise Linn Method for Clutter Clearing®
Presenter: Mona-Lynne Ayotte
Session Description: Discover the myths around clutter clearing and learn how you can use the 10 minute method to start actively clutter clearing your home, clothes, car, computer and even workspace! We will be doing a gentle meditation and hands on activity to activate your clutter clearing energy and process. Easy everyday solutions to help you create spaces and shift the energy in your home and life that are inviting and can help you to let go of relationships, objects and items that no longer serve you or bring you joy!
About the Presenter: Mona-Lynne Ayotte, M Ed. is a seasoned teacher-librarian at Institut collégial Vincent Massey Collegiate and is both a certified Elemental Space Clearing (space clearing came long before clutter clearing) and Certified Clutter Coach in the Denise Linn Method for Clutter Clearing. After taking the clutter clearing course, she successfully weeded thousands of books and many files and objects from the school library in readiness for a renovation. She could not have successfully done this without Denise’s course and wisdom! She is still working on her home and is happy to report that Denise’s courses changed her life in such positive ways.

Code: AM13
Time: 10:20 – 11:15
Session Title: Self Regulation Panel
Presenter: Sarah Pype, Annabel Scott, Karen Slippert
Session Description: During this session we will discuss why the opportunity for movement is so important for some learners. We will discuss the use of furniture and other supports that can be used by students to assist them in their learning.
About the Presenters:
Sarah Pype is a school counsellor at Bairdmore School in the Pembina Trails School Division. The school has included self-regulation as part of their school plan for the last 3 years. Sarah’s focus has been on helping students and staff learn about and experience self regulation. Bairdmore is currently learning about regulation in a deeper way by exploring the work of Stuart Shanker and the MEHRIT Centre. Sarah continues to develop accessible resources for teachers that allow for whole school involvement.

Code: AM14
Time: 10:20 – 11:15
Session Title: Mental Health First Aid
Presenter: Brenda Preston
Session Description: One in three Canadians will experience a mental health problem at some point during their life. Mental Health First Aid is a program offered by St. John’s Ambulance. Brenda will share some information about the program and will provides some tools and information to help teachers and library staff detect problems and provide some strategies for supporting students and community members.
About the Presenter: Brenda Preston is the Manager of Learning with St. John Ambulance. She is an Instructor with almost 30 years’ experience. Previously, Brenda worked as a Paramedic and Firefighter for over 20 years.

Code: AM21
Time: 11:15-12:00
Session Title: Sound Healing Meditation
Presenter: Danny and l’aura Carroll
See AM11 for details. Repeat session.

Code: AM22
Time: 11:15-12:00
Session Title: Storytelling
Presenter: Duncan Mercredi
Session Description: Storytelling, a way to keep in touch with family that lived in other villages and also used to maintain the history of the community and its families. Storytelling was also instrumental in teaching children right from wrong, especially when one did something wrong that impacted the village.
About the Presenter: Duncan Mercredi-Cree/Metis Poet/writer/storyteller – originally from Misipawistik (Grand Rapids, MB) four books of poetry published and has also had his work featured in three anthologies of Native writings and in other periodicals such as Prairie Fire and CV2. Duncan has participated in the Winnipeg International Writers Festival, the Winnipeg Storytellers Festival, U of M’s For the love of Words Conference, Brandon University Aboriginal Writers and Storytellers Festival, the Prince George Storytellers and Writers Festival, the Singing Waters Storytellers Gathering and has conducted workshops for the Young Authors Conference in Winnipeg. He has held readings in and around Winnipeg , Calgary and Regina. Most of this work is comprised of writing he has done has a member of Manitoba’s Indigenous Writers Collective. Writer in Residence – University of Manitoba – CCWOC -12019.

Code: AM23 FULL
Time: 11:15-12:00
Session Title: MELT
Presenter: Annabel Scott
Session Description: MELT Method connective tissue technique to unstick accumulated stress and release the diaphragm and find your true neurological core, deeper than any superficial abs or the 6 pack- you will feel and follow the deep connection to yourself. Easy to teach to children. Teaches pressure and is pressure sensitive training so the body and the behavioural, talk therapy and resource work gets enhanced directly through the body.
About the Presenter:
Annabel Scott has been the owner of Pilates Manitoba Inc. for the past 17 years.  Pilates Manitoba’s mission is to uphold Pilates, Physiotherapy Pilates, Yoga, Feldenkrais, Gyrotonic, the MELT & the ELDOA Methods in their rightful place in whole-body healthcare, wellness as well as fitness. Annabel is committed to the inclusion of Pilates within the healthcare services, so everyone can benefit from its transforming practices. She aspires to be a conduit and bridge between all disciplines of movement, mind and body work, health, wellness, healing, and performance.  It is only through awareness that we can ask the body to correct itself. Anabel works in partnership with schools to help students regulate in order to reach their full potential.

Code: AM24
Time: 11:15-12:00
Session Title: Making Sensory Tools to Support Student Learning
Presenter: Karen Slippert
Session Description: Karen will be sharing sensory strategies for classrooms to benefit all learners. In this session you will have the opportunity to create a sensory tool for your own tool kit.
About the Presenter:
Karen Slippert is an Occupational Therapist with Pembina trails School Division. She has 26 years’ experience working with children, with a specialty in autism. Karen currently works with student from ages 5 to 21 with a variety of abilities.

Code: AM25
Time: 11:15-12:00
Session Title: Let’s Get Moving!
Presenter: Monique Marcker
Session Description: After a brief discussion about the benefits of physical activity, I will lead the participates through the program I developed for the classroom. The fifteen minute workout includes, 5 minute warmup, 5 minute cardio peak and 5 minute cooldown. Through music, games and movement I will show teachers how to use chairs, desks and books to get their student’s heart rates soaring. During our cooldown our focus will be on mindfulness through body awareness.
About the Presenter: Monique Marcker is a certified fitness instructor currently working with GoodLife teaching a wide variety of disciplines. She has worked throughout Winnipeg schools as a coach with the GoodLife4Kids Foundation creating a specialized program to get students moving right in the classroom. As a program leader with Fort Garry/St.Norbert Healthy Child Coalition Monique has developed a physical literacy program called Let’s Play, teaching children of all ages the ABC’s of fundamental movement. Monique has seen first hand the benefit of fitness on her own three sons. Children are able to focus, concentrate and self regulate better after a workout, in turn increasing their well being and happiness. Her fun and energetic programs motivate students and teachers to enjoy all the benefits of physical activity. Let get moving!

Code: PM31
Time: 1:00 – 1:30
Session Title: Take time to smell the flowers
Presenter: Independent
Session Description: Take an opportunity to recharge yourself by taking a walk by yourself, a colleague or with a group. We will be meeting by the outdoor classroom and taking a walk along the river trail.

Code: PM32
Time: 1:00 – 1:30
Session Title: Take time for Yoga in the library
Presenter: Monique Marcker
Session Description: Yoga will be combined with PM42 so we can have time for a 45 minute practice followed by a conversation about mediation. Yoga mats will be provided.
About the Presenter: See session AM25

Code: PM33
Time: 1:00 – 1:30
Session Title: Take time for some R&R in R – Reading and relaxation in Rosenberg Library
Presenter: TBA
Session Description: Picture books related to wellness will be made available for you to curl up with.

Code: PM34
Time: 1:00 – 1:30
Session Title: Desk Top Labyrinth
Presenter: Joyce Riddell
Session Description: Learn how a labyrinth can enhance your teaching practice and relax you and your students. We will explore the history and uses of labyrinths with a focus on do-it-yourself and tactile expressions. Whether you have students building labyrinths, or you enjoy them for yourself; “Slow your breathing, follow the pattern of the labyrinth allowing your mind to clear from extra thought and focus solely on following the path of the labyrinth.”
About the About the Presenter: Joyce Riddell has been the teacher librarian in Junior School at St. John’s-Ravenscourt School for 15 years. She believes in creating space that encourages children to explore what they think and to experience new ideas.

Code: PM35
Time: 1:00 – 1:30
Session Title: Redefinitions: The Power of a Spontaneous Story (continuing in PM45)
Presenter: Judith Rempel Smucker
Session Description: What’s in a word? Join Judith Rempel Smucker for a lively and entertaining exploration of word and image combinations, a process which often turns ordinary conversations into extraordinary reflections. Using examples from her recently released book, RE-encounters: Views from the field, Smucker will describe her inspiration for the concept and subsequent creative process. Participants will be invited to engage with a particular RE word and create a simple narrative that represents a particular story or situation from their own lives.
About the Presenter:
Judith Rempel Smucker is a graphic designer and artist living in Winnipeg, Canada. Her design seeks new ways of combining word and image for effective communication. She has worked as a design consultant, art director, and design and art instructor in Pennsylvania and Manitoba. Smucker received degrees from the University of Manitoba and the Basel School of Design in Switzerland. A published author of several art books, her inspiration comes from a range of experiences: rural life, living abroad, commitment to the natural environment, community, and recycling elements in our everyday lives.

Code: PM41
Time: 1:30 – 2:15
Session Title: Canadian Book Blitz
Presenter: Karen San Filippo
Session Description: Looking for a great way get a good overview of the key books being locally produced this year? Fourteen Manitoba-based publishing houses will blitz through this year’s best local books, and as an extra, we will include some other titles from across the prairie provinces! Guaranteed not to lag, the fast pace will provide loads of laughs and plenty of practical information about local books. Designed to appeal to reader advisory groups and all librarians, categories and information is presented with libraries needs in mind.

Genres include the latest in Indigenous material, French-language, children’s and young adult, etc., with emphasis on how local books can resonate with your students and help move them towards healthy life choices! A listing of the session’s book titles, availability in digital and audio formats, ordering information and book specs will be given in a neat little catalogue to keep, so sit back and enjoy.

Don’t forget the draw prize as a bonus – your pick of the featured titles!

About the Presenter: Karen San Filippo has been the Projects Coordinator at the Association of Manitoba Book Publishers since 2005. She was formerly the coordinator for Livres en fête, the French portion of the THIN AIR festival, and has coordinated young volunteers at various festivals. Karen is an enthusiastic supporter of the local book industry, a very frequent patron of the public library, a volunteer with eclectic interests, and strives to engage as many people as possible in all things bookish.

Code: PM42
Time: 1:30 – 2:15
Session Title: Being the Positive Role Model
Presenter: Monique Marcker
Session Description: After a brief discussion about being the Positive Role Model to your students I will lead a Yoga based workout focusing on breathing, stretching and mindfulness. Combined with session PM32
About the Presenter: See AM25

Code: PM43
Time: 1:30 – 2:15
Session Title: Intermittent Fasting? Keto? Vegan? What’s the real deal with dieting?
Presenter: Stephanie Hnatiuk
Session Description: Are you confused by all the conflicting nutrition information you see online? Frustrated by the endless stream of diets and supplements that don’t live up to their promises? In this session you’ll learn about the effect chronic dieting has on your physical and mental health, and find out how to break this cycle for good while finding peace and balance in your relationship with food.
About the Presenter: Stephanie is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, and Certified Fitness Professional with years of working as a Clinical Dietitian, while owning her own busy private nutrition practice. Like most Dietitians, Stephanie believes in a personalized approach to nutrition that is client-centered and collaborative in nature. In her free time, Stephanie is an avid runner, hiker, and nutrition blogger.

Code: PM44
Time: 1:30 – 2:15
Session Title: Trans Lit: A Primer
Presenter: Lara Rae
Session Description: For the first time ever there is a growing genre of genderless and trans stories and lit that benefit all who think changes need to come to how we react to each other and raise our families. Lara guides you through some of the books and makes recommends for teachers, parents, allies and all open-minded and curious humans.
About the Presenter: See KN2

Code: PM45
Time: 1:30 – 2:15
Session Title: Redefinitions: The Power of a Spontaneous Story (continuation of PM35)
Presenter: Judith Rempel Smucker
Session Description: See PM35
About the Presenter: See PM35

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